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Thru & Thru Safety Bracket

The Thru & Thru Safety Bracket is a versatile device that has been designed to accept standard 2x4 lumber to erect single or double posts for temporary guardrails.

The Thru & Thru Safety Bracket is designed to be used in multiple configurations (click on thumbnails), to accommodate all stages of construction. From framing stage, right through the completion of drywall and hardwood installation. Sections of the guardrail can be easily removed by untightening the eyebolts. The large base plate with numerous screw holes allows the bracket to be screwed to the sub-floor without additional backing (see installation manual).

The Thru & Thru Safety Bracket is made from heavy gauge steel and has been designed to withstand the rigors of the construction environment. At the Ontario Building & Renovation Forum held in Toronto on January 15, 2004 attendees who visited the Thru & Thru Safety Systems booth were surveyed. One of the questions on the survey dealt with durability of the Thru & Thru Safety Bracket. The majority of respondents stated that the Thru & Thru Safety Bracket would last 6-9 years and would be used for more than 20 installations.

The Thru & Thru Safety bracket has been rigorously tested by Hite Engineering of Mississauga Ontario. It has been certified by a professional Engineer that it meets the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations for Construction Projects and exceeds the structural requirements stipulated in Section 26.3 of Ontario Regulation 145/00, amending 213/91.

This site is currently under construction and additional configurations will become available for your viewing.

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